Trading Bot

Trading with algos is an essential part of the modern traders toolkit. After reviewing all the options out there, we have come to wholeheartedly recommend for this service. They are one of the oldest platforms around and offer an innovative marketplace for developers to create custom trading bot strategies. We are also carefully watching the development of open source trade bots that you can run on your own computers but as stated above we want to make sure they are 100% ready for individual use.


Clearly having the best charting tools available is essential. In the Bitcoin day traders arsenal, no other service comes close to Coinigy. Better then just doing charts, Coinigy is a platform for making trades on the web and mobile devices. They offer integrated news services, all of the crypto exchanges, and a whole bunch more. If you have been using standard charts on the exchanges you may have no idea on the wealth of trading indicators you have available.


Trader education is absolutely essential to be successful in this business. Even when you are a seasoned veteran and have seen it all, a review of the fundamental building blocks of markets, price action, and chart patterns will serve you well in many market conditions ahead. One of the best video tape courses available right now is from legendary trader and teacher Steve Burns. If you are just getting started, we highly recommend his Price Action 101 class if you are new to trading or if it has been awhile since your last formal education. Another course we wholeheartedly recommend is the legendary Al Brooks Price Action Trading Course. With 53 hours of content, you will come out of this with a thorough education. We also offer personalized 1 on 1 and group instruction, please inquire for more information.


There are a variety of exchanges for you to choose from. Rather than point to a specific one and say “use this one” make sure that your exchange is safe to use by complying with local laws. We are also eagerly awaiting the development of safe p2p exchanges on Ethereum and other platforms. For most traders they use a few including Poloniex, Bittrex, Binance, and for the real risk takers, Cryptotopia. An up and coming p2p exchange we like is ERCDex.


We host irregular meetups in person in the Austin Texas area and at crypto conferences. You can join to receive announcements of future events at


Learning and professional development are hallmarks of the crypto trader profession. The markets change at lightening speed and new offerings and capabilities are constantly being created. We are currently offering irregular training to members of our chat group in a text format. Previous classes have been about trade bots and masternodes. Sign up for our Slack to learn about the latest training classes!


Besides being a trader community, we also give back to the larger crypto community. We release easy to use guides for crypto payments infrastructure that you can find on our github page: