About Us


Welcome to the BitcoinDayTrader.com website! On this website we hope to provide you the best information available for all aspects of trading bitcoin and related digital currencies. As we are deep in the roll out of this service please give us some time to get fully ramped up. In the near future we will be posting daily free content including technical analysis, trading tips, news, and a whole lot more.

The founder of this website has been a Bitcoin user since May 2011. I started this blog based on a few observations:

Let’s face the facts: time is money and wading through all the press releases, hype, and all the risks associated with Bitcoin trading, the costs become too high to be manageable. There is literally too much information, too many tweets, and too many blog posts to read and act upon in an intelligent and timely manner.

As a trader myself, this all added up to me that there could be demand for premium Bitcoin analysis services. If that service reduces the amount of time you need to do research and still be fully informed of rapidly changing market sentiments that can pay for itself.

So that is where we come in.

So bear with us until that fateful day when we are publishing at full steam you may join us on our chat server by signing up on the following link https://launchpass.io/bitcoindaytrader

We hope to see you there and best of luck to you!


The BitcoinDayTrader.com Team